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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 13, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. should race be a factor in college admissions? i'm christie myth, live in san francisco, prop 209 being argued again. i'm bob redell, live in hayward, you can see police are still on the scene of a home where a livermore man was shot killed ellier this morning. also, was whitney houston's death a tragic accident, or the result of self-destructive choices? the latest on the pop icon's final moments. we have a live look at the bay bridge. will this weekend's planned shutdown be called off on
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account of rain? the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. heating up all over again. >> right now minority students fighting for equal footing in college admissions are demanding schools take their racial and ethnic differences into account. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco where dozens of students are turning to a federal appeals court to end the 16-year ban on affirmative action. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. a rally just ended outside of the courthouse near san francisco. a rally involving students from uc berkeley. what's happening inside the court attorneys for both sides arguing over proposition 209, each side got 20 minutes and
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believe the judges were fair and didn't ask a lot of questions but that's where the agreement ends, over whether race should be allowed as a factor in public college admissions. students gather at uc barkley and rode b.a.r.t. over to the 9th circuit of appeals which heard arguments. the complaint was filed by students and an advocacy group on their behalf. they say 209 violates rights of black and latino students who make up half of state's high school graduates but a fraction of uc admissions. their attorney told us they often come from schools where a.p. classes and options to boost your gpa just aren't there. >> latino and native-american students are the only people that aren't considered in terms who they are as individuals and in terms of how they are life experiences and race and racism affect those two criteria for admissions. >> they have the right to seek
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admission policies that enhance the opportunities of students who have suffered adverse conditions but section 31 requires that any policies must be fair and available to all students without regard to race. >> reporter: prop 209 passed in 199 6 and has stood up to legal challenges before the american civil rights institute is defending this. one of the attorneys involved told me they expect a decision in three to four months. reporting like in san francisco, christie smith. back to you. >> thank you. investigators are digging up more human remains, this in an area where convicted serial killer says there may be ten or more bodies. sheriff's deputies in san juan kean county found skull fragments, bones, clothes, and a purse deep in a well at an abandoned cattle ranch.
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they have found more than 300 bits of bones. inmate westly shermmantine drew a map. he and a child hood friend known as speed freak killers for a dru drug-fueled killing spree that claimed as many as 15 victims. a shooter on the run after a young man found dead on the sidewalk of an east bay neighborhood. crime scene tape and flashing lights stretched across the road near c street and th street in hayward. bob redell with the latest on the search for the suspect. >> reporter: one person who has lived in this neighborhood for more than 20 years is not surprised this happened. not surprised that someone was shot and killed outside this home on 7th and c. it's haunted. there's evil inside it because of all of the drug activity she
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believes goes on in here. gunfire woke up many people this morning. they ended up calling 911 reporting self-shots fired. when police arrived around 4:30, they found a man lying dead in the driveway of the home. they have not released his name, only to say he was in his 20s, was from livermore, and had been staying at that home for the past week. that lady i mentioned earlier says that that home has a lot of people coming and going, that police have been here many times before, she wishes the city would evict those people and put an end to the problems here. >> i don't know who really reside there's. there's just a lot of people coming and going and looking, babbling, not the kind of people you want, you know, in your neighborhood. pretty much keep our kids in the backyard and in the house. >> reporter: what kind of neighborhood is this? >> it was quiet. used to be quiet. >> reporter: a witness did see
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the shooter speeding off in a car but it happened so fast they weren't able to get a good look at this person. all in know is that that car was red in color. don't know if it was-door, four-door what model, just it was red. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> this morning a san jose man says his dog is dead, killed while trying to protect him from a beating. the man tells "san jose mercury news" he was walking his 7 pound yorkshire terrier on win chester boulevard, three men walked up to him and asked if he was a gang banger. he tried to get away but tripped on the sidewalk. the three men punched and kicked him while he was down and stomped his dog to death. police are investigating but so far no arrests. the wife of san francisco's new sheriff will take the stan to defend her husband against charges of domestic abuse. attorneys for lopez tell the chronicle they will have ask prosecutors for immunity to
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protect lopez from possible deportation from-to-venezuela. lawyers want to protect her against any charges. her husband, sheriff ross mirkarimi, is akccused of bruising her arm on new year's eve. lopez defend her husband against the charges several times. star power, incomparable talent, now a memberry for those who nknew and loved with any houston. lingering questions than actual answers as investigators are try to piece together the singer's final moments. overwhelming, you can see, just a crush of photographs are at l.a.x., houston's ex-husband bobby brown arrived late last night to be with their young daughter. gina kim joins us whe it moron houston's tragic death. >> we thank you for sharing our
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sister whitney with us. >> reporter: a pray for withny houston opened the biggest award show sunday, then came loving tribute from the like of stevie wonder, rihanna. >> make noise for withny. >> reporter: and an emotional rent degs of whitney's best song. ♪ i will always love you >> reporter: regarding her death investigation, the los angeles county coroner confirmed to nbc news prescription pill bottles were found in her room but it could be six to eight weeks to determine the cause of death. >> the person could have suffered a heart attack or embolism or something and no matter what medications they're taking, until we run a tox and see the level and what's in the system, we're not going to speculate. >> reporter: condolences continue to pour in from all over the world. including one this morning from nelson mandela, most who knew her say they can't get over the
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shock. >> it's a tragedy. we were -- i'm at a loss for words. it's really hard. >> she had that gift for wanting to live, wanting to sing, wanting to be here, being a light, and now that light has been taken out. >> reporter: the coroner is expected to release houston's body to her family so they can make arrangements for her funeral service. gina kim, beverly hills. >> a tragic, sad reality on that one. this morning an emotional home coming in san francisco as well. >> the aids quilt is now back in the bay area for its largest showing in more than a decade. 40 sections of the quilt now on display at five locations in the city including the former tower records store location. this is on market street. and the bank of america at 501 castro. quilt moved from san francisco to atlanta in 1999. it's made up of 44,000 panels that stretch more than 24 football fields in size. the panels hold the names of
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90,000 aids victims. >> mind blowing, the momentum it has taken on. meteorologist christina loren here to tell us about the weather. wet start to the day. >> a full week of winter-like weather. we have had such little rainfall but right now we'reet g mngti slammed in the south bay. pretty heavy rainomginng down. now the core of low pressure right now isro cssing over the bay area. so as we head through probably noon, 1:00, 2:00, things will lighten up here. overall nature pushing to the south, getting adry break from santa rosa to theg golden gate bridge. san francisco heavy showers. we stop the clock on futurecast. clearing by 6:00 p.m. later on this evening. it all works out like this, tomorrow, a foggy start with additional moisture coming through. dense fog tomorrow. sun and clouds later on. don't worry about carrying the umbrella for valentine's day. another shot of rain wednesday. and then a better chance as we
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head into this weekend. so we've got a lot to talk about in the weather department. >> absolutely. hearing that construction on the bay bridge could be put on hold if the rain keeps going through the weekend, correct? >> it does look like that it will be the case, 20%, 30% chance both day. depends on the criteria. word is by wednesday they will make the final determination, whether or not they go ahead with the construction. rit now as far as my end goes, meteorological side, we'll see rain. >> cal trans planning to do that over presidents' day weekend, we'll see if the weather holds off, if and if we put it off we'll do it late. >> fiery debate as the smoke clears in athen sathens. the debt deal prompting rioting in the streets. apple shares cross a magic mark to all-time high. business news ahead. o
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this morning, people of athens are sifting through
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rubble after fire set during the night of rioting, ripped through at least 93 buildings and injured more than 100 people. nbc bay area's stephanie gosk is in athens with a look at landmark debt vote that prompted all of this rage. >> reporter: the response on streets of athens was dramatic and destructive. while a majority of parliament approved the measure, the center of town went up in flames. tens of thousands protested, the most violent taking on the riot police with rocks and fire bombers. officers drove them back with stun guns and endless barrage of tear gas. dozens of buildings torched include two history ex-theateic and businesses looted. after five years of recession, higher taxes and unemployment the newest alwausterity measure are a bitter pill. minimum wage will drop by a
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fifth, and 150,000 jobs cut by 2015. without these steps the country will default on its loans and likely pull out of the eurozone. >> i believe that the only stability for greece is for us to remain in the euro area and of course this means we are to make a lot of sacrifices. >> reporter: in the aftermath of last night's riots a sense of hopelessness seems to be creeping in. with no end in sight to the economic pain, that anger is growing. the eurozone finance ministers will be meeting wednesday to finalize the rescue package but a short-term fix. the country's going to have to figure out how to grow its economy. stephanie gosk, nbc news, athens. the question remains, how is wall street and the rest of the world economy reacting to all of the kay crokay cross in greece? >> good morning. the greek citizenry doesn't like
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the new cuts and why would they? they were making big salaries with great retirement benefits but wall street and the rest of the investment community around the world were worried that greece was very close to defaulting on its debt. now the deal reached over the weekend helps greece pay its bills next month, that's it, one month but it's the most the world can hope for. dow and nasdaq moving to the positive with apple, moving above $500 a share for the first time. right now $499 but it's moved back and forth across the magic line a couple of times this morning. the highest apple shares have ever been higher than when steve jobs was in charge. apple and samsung will fight it out over the future of the phone, the samsung galaxy nextous in a california court. apple says things that nexus can do, swipe to unlock, find numbers inside your e-mail are straight out of cupertino they want to ban sales of the phone. apple's the 600-pound gorilla in
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the fight. samsung's trying to get iphone sales banned in other countries with its own copyright claims. back to you. >> thanks. the president is targeting the rich and corporations as he lays out his budget plan for 2013. >> we need to restore american manufacturing by ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs oversees giving them to companies here in the united states of america. >> mr. obama pitched his plan this morning during a visit to a community college in virginia. the president is asking congress to boost spending in transportation and education. he also wants to cut government spending and increase taxes on wealthy to reduce the budget deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years. republicans say the budget is a nonstarter and they warn tax hikes will kill jobs. >> we mentioned earlier that rain this weekend could affect the potential construction on
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the bay bridge. if that does happen, dates it would be pushed back would be february 24th through the 26th. wanted to mention that leading into ms. christina loren. >> perfect timing. from the live picture over the bay bridge that wet pattern has started. today a little bit of a break for tomorrow. another round on wednesday. then as you mentioned, saturday and sunday we've got a real pli good chance for rain especially areas north of the bay bridge. but hey i think that we will see at least a little bit of postponement when it comes to that planned construction. 47 degrees right now in livermore. it is running cool out there this morning. 50 degrees in san mateo. 49 in sunnyvale. struggling to get out of the 40s through the south bay. we have rain-cooled air. we have had that over the past three hours. you can still see moderate to light rain showers pushing through the south bay. for the most part, south of san francisco, at this point. but everywhere from livermore through foster city getting wet at this point. this the most moisture we're
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going to see throughout the day. bulk is coming through at this current time. throughout the next couple of hours rain showers start to deteriorate but it will be active out there at least until 2:00 p.m. highs today only in the 50s. 54 degrees in milpitas. 51 danville. 52 castro valley. 51 up in bodega day. big day tomorrow. you can do so tomorrow between 8:00 and noon, cloudy and clear. by 8:00 p.m., late night dinner time 53 degrees. and we get another round of rain as we head from wednesday into thursday. stop the clock at midnight on wednesday, front rolls through quickly. by 11:00 a.m. getting a break and light scattered showers throughout the day. seven day outlook, as we head through wednesday, showers develop again. a few showers in the north bay saturday ramping up action into sunday. and as we reported earlier, we'll know by wednesday whether or not they go through with the
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construction. back to you guys. >> very important information. thank you. >> thank you very much. if you're on a diet, you'll need a lot of willpower to the grocery store. actually starting today. >> adorable girl scouts at every entrance selling cookies. >> favorite time of year? >> absolutely. the official start of the girl scouts 2012 cookie drive. you can order and buy those treats through march 18th. more than a month. you won't need cash to pay for your thin mints. the scouts will be accepting debit and credit cards, too, for the first time ever. >> always good. selling cookies? i'm buying cookies. >> love these things. thin -- i love the thin mints. >> my favorite. >> and shortbread. >> you can't steal my favorite. >> we can share. >> okay. i'm going to have to speak with my mouth full. coming up, where this couch is
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the latest viral sensation. just ahead. >> pass the cookies. demanding relief. why var dwrious students have t fight for bathroom breaks. cheeseburger macaroni?
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welcome back. troublemakers are facing much more than detention at two east bay school campuses. the lafayette school district may install surveillance cameras to crack down on theft and vandalism. the direction has seen a rash of laptop, copper wire, solar panel sets over the past year at lafayette and stanley middle school. the district has to decide if cameras are worth $16,000 price tag. this morning students at an east bay high school fed up with restricts on their bathroom breaks. students at the high school say the school locks both of its bathrooms during school hours.
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there are only five toilets available for girls. two toilets and four ur rin nals available but 1400 students. california law requires more facilities. >> some people go to the bathrooms and smoke weed or just do inappropriate stuff. but they keep the bathrooms locked and it's unfair for people who actually have to use them. >> a district trustee says bath rooms were closed because of graffiti. we called the principal and school official but was we have yet to hear back. coming up, the international linsation started on this couch. why this piece of furniture is propelling the bay area athlete to stardom. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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construction over the course of the weekend. we should find out by wednesday whether the full-on choose sure will take place. shower activity south of the bay bridge confined between san jose and san mateo. take it easy traveling out there. tomorrow valentine's day for all of you love birds, temperatures in the up rp 50s. keep that jacket handy. you won't need the umbrella. back to you. >> call it lin-sanity, it's the story of local kid made good. >> of course talking about palo alto high school star, jeremy lin exploded on to the nba scene. adding to his young legend a couch. that's right i said it a couch. leading new york to five straight wins, exploding for 38 points against the lakers and kobe bryant. no, the couch we speak of is just not any sofa. it's a fine-tuned, fine finely crafted sofa.
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teammate landry field, he tweeted out a picture of the piece of furniture, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only couch made famous let the bidding begin. over 30,000 hits. >> he sits on that? >> he's got to curl up, get comfortable. >> thanks for being with us. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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